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Andermatt Swiss Alps

People at Andermatt Swiss Alps

Board of Directors

Samih Sawiris, Chairman of the Board

Alex Yule-Smith, Vice Chairman of the Board

Hans-Peter Bauer, Member of the Board

Khaled Bichara, Member of the Board

Franz Egle, Member of the Board

Marco Vito Pero, Member of the Board

Bernhard Russi, Member of the Board

Eskandar Tooma, Member of the Board

Management Team

Franz-Xaver Simmen

Melina Marty

Agostino Franzosi
Head Planning & Construction

Stefan Kern
Head PR & Communications

Harry John
Head Destination Marketing

Christoph Meier
Head HR & Services

Samih Sawiris

Samih Sawiris comes from an Egyptian entrepreneur family. After attending the Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule in Cairo, he received a degree in industrial engineering from the Technical University of Berlin. His two brothers Naguib and Nassef also own and manage important international companies. They are active in the fields of IT, construction and fertilizers. The companies of the three Sawiris brothers share the word Orascom in their names, but they are financially independent from one another.

In February 2005 Samih Sawiris was invited to Andermatt by the government of Canton Uri to develop a tourism development concept for the region. He was so taken by the tourism potential of the Ursern Valley that he decided to present a project himself. Samih Sawiris therefore founded Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, domiciled in Altdorf, Uri. He directly and indirectly controls 86.6% of the company.