Mountain bike

Over hill and dale by moun­tain bike

On a mountain bike, you’ll experience the mountain environs around Andermatt from a different perspective and be rewarded with a breathtaking long-distance view. Descend over flow trails or on bike paths, depending on ability and technique.

Il miglior training al Bike-Trailpark

Small jumps, tabletops and bumps to navigate, plus a steep banked turn: The course in the Bike Trail Park is a spot where beginners can practice and advanced riders can work on perfecting their skills. Those who take the course at high speed do so at their own risk. Wearing a helmet in mandatory on the course, and riders are advised to wear protective clothing. That way, the Trail Park is sure to be fun.

By bike to the Lutersee lake

The route starts in Andermatt and follows the Oberalp Pass road via Obergadmen to Nätschen. An old military road will take you up to Gütsch, where you’ll ride to the Lutersee lake nearly horizontally on a high plateau. It’s worth making a quick stop here and taking a refreshing dip in the cold, clear water. Then it’s on to Platten – the actual destination of the tour. From here, you’ll take the same route back, always with the splendid view of the Urseren Valley before you. If you’re looking for still one more challenge, ride up to Schneehüenerstock and then take the gondola to the Oberalp Pass, followed by the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway back to Andermatt. You’ll need to be in good shape for this route, but it's very easy in technical terms. It is also suitable for e-mountain bikes.

Two bikers at sunset on the dirt road between Gütsch and Schneehüenerstock

The Witenwasseren Tour

The half-day excursion by mountain bike or e-mountain bike starts in Andermatt. The flat stretch to Realp via Hospental and Zumdorf, Switzerland’s smallest village, will take you across simple unpaved tracks. The route then follows the old military road to Witenwasserental. The secluded, idyllic valley is a true flower paradise, especially in the springtime. The regionally important conservation area is also home to a number of small marshes. The destination of the tour is Oberstafel, located at 2,221 metres above sea level at the foot of Pizzo Lucendro. Enjoy the view and then step into the Rotondo Hut for some refreshment. You’ll return via the same route, and at Realp, the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway has regular service back to Andermatt. The route features a rise in elevation of nearly 800 metres, and while it is considered to be moderately challenging, it is rather easy in technical terms.

The touring classic to Val Maighels

The route travels along the normal road until Oberalp. At the top of the pass, you’ll leave the surfaced roadway and ride over the Tiarms Pass via Val Val to Tschamut and then on to Milez. The unpaved track leads straight up to Val Maighels. Then you’ll follow a hiking trail, where you’ll encounter snow fields that last into the summer. From Maighels Pass, you’ll have a view of the mountains Gemsstock, Pizzo Centrale and Giübin. If you’re not afraid of cold water, take a dip in the mountain lake. From Maighels Pass, a steep, challenging descent leads to the Unteralp Valley and back to Andermatt. This route is challenging and requires very good conditioning and technique. You’ll need to surmount a rise in elevation of 1,200 metres.

Andermatt is just the place for those who aim high. The many bike trails and alpine passes leave nothing to be desired.

Useful information

Well equipped

The sport shops in Andermatt rent out bikes with and without electric support. In addition, you can bring your two-wheeler in for servicing. You can find Sportshop Gleis 0 at the central railway station and Imholz Sport in Piazza Gottardo, while in the village of Andermatt, Snowlimit and Meyers Sporthaus have all kinds of rental gear for bikes.

A car of the Gütsch Express gondola, with the village of Andermatt and the summery Urseren Valley in the background

Bike transport Andermatt-Gütsch and Oberalp-Platten

If you prefer not to pedal up the first ascent, the Gütsch Express and Schneehüenerstock Express gondolas will transport your bike (up to the Platten mid-station). From Gütsch, you can bike along the old military road back to the valley with a view of the entire Urseren valley. Or ride from Platten past the Lutersee lake to Gütsch and then back to Andermatt.

Infrastructure for leisure, mountain, and e-bikes

At the Andermatt Reuss car park, you’ll find a wash station and service centre for bikes. For e-bikes, there’s a charging station in Piazza Gottardo in Andermatt Reuss. You’ll find other charging stations on all longer bike routes in the canton of Uri.

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