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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Special rights for buying property in Andermatt

Exemption from Lex Koller

Are you international and want to buy real estate in Switzerland? The purchase of real estate by persons not domiciled in Switzerland is strictly limited and is subject to special approval (Lex Koller). This is intended to restrict the sale of residential properties to international investors.

On 21 December 2007 the Swiss government granted Andermatt Swiss Alps AG a blanket exemption from the Lex Koller approval requirement. Thus, any international investor can buy and sell apartments and buildings from Andermatt Swiss Alps AG without special approval and without restriction. This exemption will remain in force at least through 2030.

Exemption from Lex Weber

In addition, all holiday apartments of Andermatt Swiss Alps AG are exempt from the Swiss Second Home Law, which limits the construction of second homes to a given percentage of the total number of homes in a community.

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