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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Rental Programme

The exclusive rental programme of Andermatt Swiss Alps AG offers you as an owner the option to place the management of your unit in the company’s hands. It thus allows you to generate income when you are not using the apartment, without any extra effort on your part. The Andermatt Alpine Apartments team takes care of the entire reservation process, including on-site guest assistance.

If you choose to place your apartment in the rental programme, you will enjoy these benefits:
  • Marketing of the property
  • Rental income from your apartment
  • Personal guest service on location
  • Preventive maintenance and general minor repairs
  • Quarterly accounts

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Summary of conditions

Contract term3 years
Owner use Owners have no restrictions on use
Category of the unitThe categories are defined using the following criteria: number of rooms, size, location, inventory and special furnishing criteria such as fireplace, number of bathrooms, etc.
Rental FF&E package (furniture, fixtures & equipment)Each unit in the rental programme is equipped with the standard furniture package. Owners are obligated to comply with the FF&E standard of the rental programme. Periodic replacement may be required. The cost of such replacements shall be borne by the owner.
Rental pricesAndermatt Swiss Alps AG determines the rental prices taking into account the following factors: location of the apartment, season, length of stay, market conditions and competition. The company reserves the right to adjust rental prices at any time as circumstances may require.
ReservesA lump sum of 3 % for the equipment reserve is deducted from the gross rental income generated in the previous quarter.
Quarterly accountingThe administration shall prepare a quarterly statement of the total rental income.
Income distributionA flat rate of 25 % for operating expenses (VAT, credit card fees, travel agency commissions, online rental agency commissions, minor maintenance costs and for the replacement of OS&E articles - «net rental income») shall be deducted from the gross rental income. The management and the owner of the housing unit shall split the net rental income. 80 % of the net rental income shall be due to the owner.

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Please note
Participation in the rental programme is voluntary. This document is a summary of the applicable terms of the programme. It is not a comprehensive statement of the rental conditions. The detailed conditions shall be set forth in a rental management agreement upon which this summary is based. The conditions of the rental programme are subject to change. They are regulated in detail in the contract, which shall be signed by both parties.