Restaurants and bars

Op­tions for food and drink abound – on the moun­tain and in the val­ley

Andermatt has an impressive and diverse gastro scene: outstanding gourmet eateries, traditional Swiss inns, mountain pubs, family restaurants and trendy bars. Here you’ll find excellent drinks, fine food and a welcoming hospitality.

Restaurants and bars in the village

Restaurant Biselli combines restaurant, bakery, chocolateria and a small shop.


Piazza Gottardo, 6490 Andermatt

Large, bright room at The Swiss House, with fireplace, leather sofa and various decorative pillows

The Swiss House

Reussen 1, 6490 Andermatt


Bärengasse 1, 6490 Andermatt

The "Bärbar" catches your eye with its prominent fireplace – it’s the perfect place for a snack or an in-between meal.


Bärengasse 1, 6490 Andermatt

Restaurant Spun in the Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, with a set table for four and a view of snow-covered Piazza Gottardo


Bärengasse 1, 6490 Andermatt

As part of the authentic experience, The Japanese offers fresh fish, a broad selection of sake and Japanese beers including Sapporo, Asahi and Kirin.

The Japanese Restaurant

Gotthardstrasse 4, 6490 Andermatt

The Bar in The Chedi Andermatt hotel, with fireplace and comfortable seating

The Bar and Living Room

Gotthardstrasse 4, 6490 Andermatt

Chef's table at The Restaurant in The Chedi Andermatt hotel, set in the middle of the open studio kitchens

The Restaurant

Gotthardstrasse 4, 6490 Andermatt

Restaurants and bars on the mountain

Serving counter in the restaurant Gummel, with large shared tables in the background


Gurschen, Gemsstock mid-station, 6490 Andermatt

The restaurant Pastakeller offers pasta, gnocchi, and more – the perfect fortifier for hungry athletes.


Gurschen, Gemsstock mid-station, 6490 Andermatt

Terrasse des Restaurants Gütsch by Markus Neff mit diversen Sitzmöglichkeiten und einer fantastischen Aussicht

The Japanese by The Chedi Andermatt

Gütsch, 6490 Andermatt

Belebte, schneebedeckte Sonnenterrasse mit roten Stühlen und grünen Tischen mit dem Gütsch-Express im Hintergrund


Nätschen, Gütsch Express gondola mid-station, 6490 Andermatt

Sonnenterrasse des Restaurants Nätschen mit Stühlen, welche mit weissen Fellen bedeckt sind und einem herrlichen Ausblick in die winterliche Landschaft


Nätschen, Gütsch Express gondola mid-station, 6490 Andermatt


Schneehüenerstock Express gondola mountain station

The mountain guest house Piz Calmot is located at the top of the Oberalp Pass at 2,048 metres above sea level in the immediate vicinity of the source of the Rhine.

Piz Calmot

Top of the Oberalp Pass, 7188 Sedrun

Der hohe Innenraum des Restaurants Milez mit langen Holztischen und passenden Stühlen


Milez Flyer mountain station, 7189 Dieni

Innenraum des Familienrestaurant Druni mit Tischen und Stühlen und diversen Bildern des Maskottchen


Valtgeva, 7188 Sedrun

Four skiers toasting at a table outside the Tegia Las Palas ski hut

Tegia Las Palas

Milez Flyer mountain station, Dieni

Under the label Mountain Food, we operate 10 catering establishments on the mountain, of which three are also open in the summer.

Tegia dil Nurser

Milez ski area, on the Tegia-Gronda piste

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