ESG management
Part of our corporate strategy


In the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group, sustainability is a priority topic and is embedded in the corporate strategy. Social and environmental concerns are integrated to the same extent as responsible corporate action.

Sustainability.Our focus

Sustainability is one of the areas of emphasis in our companies. In 2020, a position was created for ESG management, and along with it the basis for sustainability management within the entire corporate groups. In October 2022, the Andermatt Responsible Board was launched, a body within the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group and Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG that is responsible for strategically embedding ESG topics. In 2023 the Board has conducted a materiality analysis for the corporate groups in order to create a solid basis for ESG management.

Chair Andermatt Responsible Board

Barbara Heller

Member of the Andermatt Responsible Board

Jörg Arnold

Member of the Andermatt Responsible Board

Mike Goar

Member of the Andermatt Responsible Board

Raphael Krucker

Member of the Andermatt Responsible Board

Pascal Schär

Member of the Andermatt Responsible Board

Christoph Ulrich

Climate protection.Our commitment

Andermatt lies in the unique landscape of the Ursern Valley. We want to protect it. With our commitment in the areas of energy, outdoor, mobility, real estate and catering, the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group is committed to preserving nature and mitigate climate change. Because we want a future worth living for everyone. With   "Verein Wald und Klima Ursern" (Ursern Forest and Climate Association) as a partner, we are supporting the reforestation project in the Ursern Valley financially and with work in the forest. Together, we are actively contributing to a sustainable project in the region, to climate protection and to the promotion of biodiversity.

Against climate change.Our measures

  • Energy

    100% renewable energy for the operation of the properties, lifts and gondolas
  • Mobility

    Innovative solutions for guest travel to and from the area
  • Real Estate

    Construction in line with the Minergie and Minergie P standard
  • Gastronomy

    Minimal use of plastic packaging and PET bottles

Society.Diversity and equal opportunity

Sustainability means responsibility to society. With Andermatt Responsible, we promote diversity and equal opportunity among employees and offer prospects for advancement, modern infrastructure and training positions. We embody social responsibility toward the residents of the Andermatt region and our guests and customers.

Our employees.Our social responsibility

  • Promotion of diversity and inclusion

    The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group is one of the region’s largest employers, with about 500 employees from some 42 countries. We promote diversity and inclusion, which we feel enriches the company. 

  • Work-life balance

    We offer part-time employment models, flexible jobs and guaranteed places in all Small Foot AG daycare centres, so that equal opportunity is assured. 

  • Part-time work models and flexible jobs

    We offer working from home, part-time work and flexible working hours depending on the job profile.

Social commitment.Everyone can participate

All of us can help to influence the achievement of our sustainability goals. For instance, all restaurants offer a wide range of climate-friendly vegetarian and vegan dishes. A free electric bus makes the rounds through the village in winter. And on our Clean-Up Day, locals and guests alike can take part. Guests can easily reach Andermatt from all directions with public transportation.

Economy.Sustainable growth

For us, sustainability also means a far-sighted business model: The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group wants to be a responsible company. With Andermatt Responsible, it is striving for sustainable economic growth in order to finance investments and increase profitability. We practice prudent corporate governance with forward-looking risk management.

Security.For your data as well as ours

The trust of our employees, guests and customers is important to us. That is why we take the topic of data protection very seriously. We protect the information we store with appropriate technical and organisational security measures, which we’re constantly enhancing.
Our cyber risk management monitors the global IT security situation and implements measures for IT security. We introduce technological tools to prevent cyber attacks, adapt processes and conduct awareness campaigns.