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Unique design

Edelweiss stands out by virtue of its compact volume and unusual roof geometry. Diamond-shaped surfaces are scored into the painted façade, and their wavy pattern gives the building a certain lightness. Starting from the darker base, the colour gradually lightens as it rises up the façade and fades into the sky. 

Exclusive penthouse maisonette 

Tucked directly beneath the slanted roof is the maisonette. A large living room with fireplace assures a warm and congenial atmosphere. The cosy bedroom is located on the top floor, and the stylish gallery gives the apartment an expansive sense of height. Buyers can have a say in the choice of interior finishes and fittings. 

Wintry Piazza Gottardo, with the adjacent Alpenrose and Edelweiss apartment buildings and view of the Urseren Valley
Living area with dining table, novel lamp, and view into the open kitchen and into the corridor to the rooms
Spacious bedroom with large queen-size bed and modern wallpaper behind the headboard

Apartments still available

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