What mat­ters to us

Throughout the entire group, the paramount values of Andermatt Swiss Alps are passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and trust. With hospitality, a high commitment to quality, collaboration across all companies and a focus on sustainability, we are seeking to achieve the goal of becoming the Prime Alpine Destination.

Our values

Throughout the entire group, the paramount values of Andermatt Swiss Alps are passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and trust (Leidenschaft, Unternehmergeist, Vertrauen - LUV - in German). These values form the basis for company-wide collaboration and constitute a guideline for daily work.  

Logo Werte LUV: Leidenschaft, Unternehmergeist, Vertrauen
  • Passion – We love what we do

    We inspire, and get inspired, by creating exceptionalism. We are innovative and set a high standard for quality, which enables us to be successful.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit – We think for ourselves

    We assume responsibility and act in the interest of the company. We practice a feedback culture, challenge assumptions, and continuously develop ourselves further as employees. In that way, we ensure success on a long-term basis.

  • Trust – We keep our promises

    Others can rely on us. We are open, authentic, dependable, and fair. We respect one another and in that way create a positive work environment.

Our priorities

With our hotels, sport infrastructure, range of events and properties, we provide high-quality offerings to a wide spectrum of guests and communities – and not just to our guests from Switzerland and abroad but also to locals. In doing so, we are committed to an intact environment and a sustainable future. In that way, we also make it possible for coming generations to have an extraordinary home.

Prime Alpine Destination


With our programme Andermatt Responsible, we are committed to climate-friendly, sustainable tourism in the Andermatt region. Our goal is tourism operations that preserve resources in order to keep nature intact. At the same time, the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group exercises prudent company management, including forward-looking risk management. As the largest employer in the Canton of Uri, we moreover create positions with opportunities for advancement.

Quality and innovation

We want to be a first-class destination, which is why we are dedicated to our projects with heart and soul. We think ahead, provide feedback, are innovative and continue to grow so that we can always achieve the best possible results and be proud of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group. As a company, we avoid taking part in every price war and instead define ourselves through first-class products and services.


We are always there for our internal and external contact persons: reliably and with enthusiasm for our destination. We collaborate across departments. In that way, we are efficient and benefit from one another. Together, we know more, and we have more fun. In addition, we get to know other employees of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group – there are more than 1,000 from about 43 countries. That is interesting and rewarding.


Our work is always focused on the needs of guests. We want guests from Switzerland and abroad, as well as locals, to have an unforgettable stay at our destination. We listen, identify needs and surprise by going the extra mile at our own initiative. At the same time, we as a company are pushing ahead with the digital transformation in order to create unmatched experiences for our guests.

Biselli is not just a restaurant – it's also a bakery, a bar, a confectionery, and a chocolate shop. It prepares food and makes baked goods and chocolates in its open kitchen.

Working for the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group

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