Start of marketing and sales

January 25, 2018

By keeping the units smaller, apartments with a unique price-benefit ratio are being created. The main target audience is younger urbanites.

The recently planned apartment house Eisvogel combines tradition with contemporary design. The layouts and furnishings of the smart studios have been planned to make optimal use of every square metre. In addition to the apartments, the building offers spacious communal areas for all the residents: a 189 m2 community area with kitchen, a private dining and chill-out zone, a spacious spa with fitness area (over 100 m2 ) and an in-house bar.

The studios range in size from 34 to 91 square metres and will be furnished in a highly modern and functional style. The additional communal areas offer a unique lifestyle opportunity. The individuality of the building is further underscored by the work of Swiss graffiti artist Ata Bozaci, who added his contributions to the design of the common areas. As a result, the apartment building offers up-to-date, contemporary design set within the pristine nature of the Ursern Valley.

These unique studios are available for sale now. Construction is scheduled to begin spring 2018; completion is scheduled for summer 2019.

Further project updates