Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course: Green tees and sustainable bags

July 29, 2021

The Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course is GEO-certified. This means that it meets or exceeds all criteria specified by the Golf Environmental Organization for a sustainable golf course. And the golf course is investing further in ecological projects. It now offers bio-degradable wooden tees and uses shopping bags made of grass and FSC-certified paper.

Golfers use a lot of tees, which often get lost in the grass after teeing off. For that reason, Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course and its new pro shop now offer golfers unpainted wooden tees. They contain no toxic materials and degrade completely when left on the ground. The tees come packaged in unbleached recycled cardboard, which closes the resource cycle here as well.

Shopping bags made of grass and FSC-certified paper

If you make a purchase in the pro shop and happen to have forgotten your shopping bag, you'll now receive your items in a bag made of equal parts grass and FSC-certified paper. The bag is thus 100 percent biodegradable. Thanks to its appealing design and good quality, it is not designed to be a disposable product tough, but instead for multiple use.

Focus on sustainability

As part of the initiative Andermatt Responsible, the Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course places great emphasis on social, ecological and economic sustainability. You can find an overview of all measures at Sustainability on the Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course. Andermatt Responsible stands for climate-friendly, sustainable tourism in the Andermatt region, with the goal of facilitating tourism operations in a way that preserves resources.

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