In­no­v­a­tive mo­bil­i­ty con­cept for the An­der­matt hol­i­day re­gion

April 11, 2023

Various providers of mobility services are developing a combined, innovative and emission-free mobility concept in the holiday region of Andermatt. The aim is to combine collective, sustainable mobility services in an intelligent manner. Innotour, the funding tool of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, and the Albert Köchlin Foundation as part of the mobility project “clever unterwegs” are jointly financing the project with around CHF 580,000.

Under the direction of Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, and in close collaboration with Andermatt-Urserntal Tourismus, the municipality of Andermatt and other network partners, an innovative mobility concept is taking shape that is unique in Switzerland. As a first step, additional mobility offers, such as car-sharing, bike-sharing and ride-sharing, will be developed to complement the on-demand option that has already been successfully introduced. At the same time, the project team is working on a digital solution that will consolidate all services on a single platform. Users will then be able to book them from a single source using their preferred sales channels (webshop or apps). Once the user enters the starting point, destination and number of passengers, the digital solution will present a variety of route options. In addition, the objective is to make it possible to plan mobility and leisure activity in an integrated manner. Specifically, when an activity is booked, the transportation needed for it can be booked at the same time.

The mobility concept is intended to reduce the use of personal vehicles in the Andermatt region. This will help to achieve the objectives of “Andermatt Responsible”, an initiative of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group for ensuring sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism in the Andermatt region.

Financing through Innotour

Innotour, the funding tool of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, and the Albert Köchlin Foundation are financing the project with around CHF 580,000. The following mobility services providers have joined together to implement the project: on demand (mybuxi Schweiz AG), public transportation (SOB), car-sharing (Sponti-Car), ride-sharing (Ummadum), bike-sharing (Publi-Bike) and the mobility ecosystem for Switzerland (openmobility). The goal is to bring the project to a conclusion within three years.

Andermatt Swiss Alps AG – Welcome home.

Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, with registered office in Andermatt, plans, builds, and develops the year-round destination of Andermatt. In 2009 Andermatt Reuss came into being, with apartment buildings, hotels, and chalets. The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group owns the The Chedi Andermatt and Radisson Blu Reussen hotels, an 18-hole, par-72 championship golf course and the Andermatt Concert Hall. A close partnership is in place with Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG (SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun, the gastrobrand Mountain Food and the Swiss Snowsports School Andermatt) and its majority shareholder Vail Resorts, Inc. for developing the destination. Vail Resorts, the largest operator of ski resorts, and Andermatt Swiss Alps are together pursuing the vision of becoming The Prime Alpine Destination. In doing so, they are committed to an intact environment and a sustainable future that will enable coming generations to have an extraordinary home. During high season, Andermatt Swiss Alps and Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG have more than 1,000 employees working at the locations in Altdorf, Andermatt and Sedrun. /

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