The Oberalp Pass is open again

April 27, 2021

Since this morning, the Oberalp Pass, which connects the cantons of Uri and Grisons, is open again. Recent weeks had seen intensive clearing work. The Oberalp Pass is one of the first passes to reopen after the winter closure.

Snowy winter

Following a long, snowy winter, it took a lot of hard work to clear the pass this year. In recent weeks, cantonal roadways crews used heavy equipment to plough and remove metre-high snow accumulations on the 2,044-metre-high pass. Guardrails and signalling equipment were also reinstalled in order to ensure safe driving.

Furka and Gotthard Passes

The region’s other passes in the vicinity of Andermatt are also being cleared of snow. The Furka Pass is scheduled to partially open as far as Tiefenbach on May 28. It is fairly likely that the Furka Pass will not be fully driveable before June 11. Clearing work is also in high gear on the Gotthard Pass. Weather permitting, the north-south connection will reopen for passenger traffic around Whitsun (May 21). All dates are subject to change.

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