Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet: Strong results by our employees

September 5, 2022

Breathtaking views, imposing hairpin curves, and 3,000 kindred spirits made the event a tremendous one for the Alpenbrevet participants. And a dozen or so employees of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group and Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG met the challenge extremely successfully. Despite light rain, only happy faces were to be seen at the finish line in Andermatt.

Once again this year, the Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet drew many road racing enthusiasts to Andermatt. By late June, the upper limit of 3,000 riders had been reached, and the race was completely sold out. That left enough time for the 13 employees of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group and Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG to train for the event. Participants can decide themselves which route to take.

Andermatt Swiss Alps Group also at the starting line

As was the case last year, our employees also rose to meet the challenge. Time wasn’t the main concern for the 13 riders. Nevertheless, all participants finished their tours – in some cases with extremely impressive times. It was once again apparent that a lot can be accomplished with team spirit and will. The arduous efforts were followed by a convivial get-together over pizza and refreshments.

Andermatt – the perfect point of departure

The Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet is the only race where cyclists conquer so many passes and elevation changes on one day. The bronze tour goes from Ulrichen to Andermatt via the Nufenen and Gotthard Passes. The gold tour starts in Andermatt and goes over the Furka, Nufenen, Lukmanier and Oberalp passes at a height of some 5,000 metres, before returning to Andermatt. The silver tour crosses the Gotthard, Nufenen and Furka passes using the Tremola ascent at a height of about 3,190 metres.

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