Andermatt Swiss Alps AG
Achieving success through sustainability


Andermatt Swiss Alps AG aims to promote sustainable actions and use resources sparingly. Our properties have been built in line with the Minergie standard and use renewable energies. We incorporate sustainability measures in our everyday business dealings.

Andermatt Responsible.Tourism and climate protection

With Andermatt Responsible, we have launched an initiative for environmentally friendly, sustainable tourism. That way, we are promoting tourism operations in the Andermatt region that preserve resources. We are making our contribution to climate protection by reducing carbon emissions and becoming a sustainable destination at which the environment is protected and society is enriched.

Properties in Andermatt. Climate-neutral and in line with the Minergie standard

  • Sustainable construction methods in line with the Swiss low-energy standard Minergie

  • Electricity from renewable energy

  • Wood-chip heating plant in Göschenen in the winter

    Carbon-neutral district heating

  • < 50 kilometre transport distance for wood chips


Our companies.Trend-setting

Andermatt Swiss Alps AG has roughly 160 employees and is a training establishment for IT specialists. We also offer internship positions in various areas. Together with The Chedi Andermatt and the Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, we employ more than 500 people.

Nico Arnold is in the second year of his apprenticeship to become an ICT specialist

We bear responsibility.For our employees

  • Fair working conditions

    The employees of Andermatt Swiss Alps receive fair wages, contemporary employment terms in line with the market, and social insurance.

  • Equal rights

    All people enjoy equal rights at Andermatt Swiss Alps.

  • Employee benefits

    Andermatt Swiss Alps offers its employees flexible working time models so that they can reconcile their personal lives with their jobs.

Social commitment. For families

The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group maintains a partnership with Small Foot AG . The provider of child daycare facilities has locations through Central Switzerland. Our employees benefit from guaranteed places and preferential terms. In that way, we support work-life balance and ensure a sustainable economy.

Mobility. CO₂-free

Andermatt Swiss Alps invests in CO₂-free mobility. Together with partners, it formed the Alpine Mobility Association , whose objective is to develop and offer sustainable mobility options in the Gotthard region. The entire village quarter of Andermatt Reuss is a car-free area.

Self-determined. Handicapped-accessible

Andermatt Swiss Alps is involved in the OK:GO Initiative . We make information available online about the accessibility of our facilities and services. In that way, we make travel planning easier for people with disabilities, seniors, and families with small children.

Our appearance.We wear sustainability

We have work clothing for our employees that is made ecologically and fairly. For instance, the jackets come from the Swiss manufacturer Rotauf , which makes clothing items in Switzerland with the smallest possible impact on humans, animals and the environment.

Our message.We offset emissions

Andermatt Swiss Alps offsets the CO₂ emissions of all printed products through ClimatePartner . In that way, we support climate protection projects throughout Switzerland.

Nine points of emphasis. For more responsibility

Together, we’re stronger. That’s why all companies of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group have defined common sustainability objectives in the areas of environmental and climate protection, society and the economy. We are striving to have them implemented by 2030, at the latest.

Swisstainable.Engaged in the long term

Andermatt Swiss Alps is participating in the Swisstainable programme by Switzerland Tourism. Thereby we are committing ourselves to sustainable corporate governance and continual enhancement in terms of sustainability. All of our Group’s companies achieved Level II (engaged), and the Andermatt Golf Course even Level III (leading).