Our restaurants and bars
Focus on environment and region


The restaurants and bars of Andermatt Swiss Alps AG and Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG provide a wide range of culinary offerings. The attentive handling of resources and a focus on products from the region are important to us.

"Klimalieblinge".Be kind to the climate

In the restaurants of Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG, the menus have been complemented with tasty "Klimalieblingen". These menus have a smaller carbon footprint and give the guests even when eating a sustainable choice.

Food.We buy locally

All restaurants use as many ingredients as possible from the region
  • Butcher shop Spahni - by Ferdi, Andermatt

  • Eine Mountain Food-Tasse wird mit frisch gemahlenem Kaffee gefüllt

    Ticino family-owned company Chicco d’Oro

  • Valais and Grisons


Plastic.Sharply reduced

Where possible, we purchase food locally and in reusable containers in order to keep packaging waste to a minimum. At the à la carte restaurants, we do not offer PET bottles and use plastic-free alternatives for take-away and disposable dishes.

Power.From the region

Our restaurants obtain all power from hydroelectric stations and wind turbines in the region.

OK for everyone. Easy to reach

Our restaurants are part of the OK:GO initiative. That way, they make travel planning easier for people with disabilities, seniors, and families with small children.

Fair.To employees

In high season, our restaurants employ about 150 people with roughly a third on one-year contracts. We guarantee fair pay, contemporary hiring terms in line with the market and social protection. All people enjoy equal rights at our companies.

In addition to working, Angelika Wallimann has taken the hospitality examination.

Value creation.In the region.

By creating and preserving jobs, and by working together with partners, service providers and suppliers in the area, we are making a sustainable contribution to local value creation.