The contract for the interior design of house Mona was awarded to Blocher GmbH from Stuttgart

March 1, 2022

Blocher Partners were selected to design the interiors of the eight apartments and two penthouses. They evoke the cosy, traditional Swiss “Stübli” (parlour), with lots of wood and a fireplace.

A close network of individual disciplines and interdisciplinary teams create a sufficient variety of solutions. Each and every project demands an individual approach, which we pursue holistically. We adopt a strategy with regard to our designs, taking economic, ecological, and socio-cultural factors just as much into account as formal and temporal ones. That puts us in a position to devise concepts with different priorities and advise clients such that they achieve their objectives.

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Structural specialities

Irregular wood cladding radiates warmth. Elements made of black steel and quarry stone adorn the environment. In addition, the rough plaster creates a slightly minerally structure. In every apartment, the fireplace in the living room is a central point. The stove bench is made of smoothed Valser quartzite.

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