Project awarded to the architecture firm Ilg Santer Architekten, Zurich

June 1, 2021

The project for the Mira apartment building was awarded to the architecture firm Ilg Santer Architekten in Zurich. They had previously designed this building in connection with the project competition in 2008 and will now execute it.

The architecture firm Ilg Santer was founded by Andreas Ilg and Marcel Santer in Zurich in late 2007. Since then, Ilg Santer has designed a wide range of projects with panache, from interior build-out to the urban-development standard. The list of work covers studios, prize-winning bridge support structures and large buildings with public charisma, like the new Biozentrum in Basel. Ilg Santer has worked on the further development of the centre of Zurich as a key topic since its inception.

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Structural specialities

The building will have a sgraffito façade. This technique originated in Italy and was brought to Germany and Austria by Renaissance builders in the 16th century. In the canton of Grisons, specifically in Engadin and the southern valleys (Engadiner house), sgraffito is a frequently used element in historical as well as more recent buildings and is considered a part of the building culture.

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