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July 11, 2022

Golfing in the mountains requires a special talent and is a very challenging sport, but it’s rewarded by the spectacular nature all around. The 18-hole golf course in Andermatt, which was developed with environmental aspects in mind, has received multiple awards and offers an impressive round for hobby golfers and ambitious tourney players alike.

The summer issue of the Gotthard region’s guest magazine Der Andermatter asked Beatrice Rancetti, the Ladies Captain of the Andermatt-Realp Golf Club, for her top insider tips, and she was happy to share her expertise in all matters having to do with golf – from the most beautiful vantage point to the best spot for drinks.

Most beautiful view

4th tee in Realp: It's a steep climb to this hole. The bench in front of the mountain hut is a great place to enjoy the alpine panorama in peace and quiet.

5th tee in Andermatt: The view of the entire golf course looking toward Andermatt and the Oberalp Pass is fantastic.

Favourite tee

7th tee in Realp: The green is about 50 metres lower than the tee, making this hole the one with the biggest change in elevation. It’s particularly lovely when the meadows are in full bloom.

18th tee in Andermatt: The round ends here. The walk back to the clubhouse with the pond in the foreground and the building behind it is reminiscent of Abu Dhabi.

The biggest challenge

A big challenge on golf courses in the mountains is often simply the elevation. In the Urseren Valley, you also have to contend with the wind, particularly in the afternoon. Because of its length, the golf course in Andermatt is not easy to play. In Realp, the challenging aspect is mainly the changes in elevation. It’s not for nothing that the course is nicknamed the “billygoat course”.

Your insider tip after the round ...

Beatrice really likes both clubhouses: In Realp, it’s simple and very cosy. In Andermatt, you’re wonderfully taken care of. Both venues are also open for hikers and bikers and are highly recommended.

Now you just have to jump on a golf cart and see for yourself! You’ll find other exciting secrets and insider tips in our magazine for the Gotthard region. Read our summer edition of Der Andermatter here. If you would like to receive your personal copy by mail, subscribe to Der Andermatter for one or two years.

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