Reframing all the rules

July 23, 2020

The construction of the newest apartment house has started: Frame. The apartment house with a clever combination of 1-bedroom apartments and duplex studios redefines alpine living.

Raf Dauwe from the OOS architectural office summarises the concept of the house as follows: "When planning Frame, we took into account the functional requirements of an active, modern life. The innovative living design is conceived around a centrally placed element - a living machine after Le Corbusier. Designed efficiently and with attention to detail to make the most of the interplay of space, utility and natural light. A principle that is consistently pursued and which can be found in the 1-bedroom apartments as well as in the duplex studios.”

In addition to the practical apartments with large bay windows, which flood the living space with light and frame the view like a picture, there are also spacious common rooms. For the owners of an apartment, there is a sauna with relaxation room, a communal lounge and a dining area.


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