Revolution in communication with property owners

July 22, 2022

Working with Ista Swiss AG, the world’s leading provider of property data analyses, the Customer Services team has developed an app that can be customised to address the needs of users. The myASA app is thus far more than just an information app.

“Communication with property owners usually takes place through password-protected subpages on websites. After logging in, owners can retrieve data about their home. That is of course somewhat cumbersome and static. Working with the Customer Services department at Andermatt Swiss Alps, we developed an app that enables interactions with property owners to be much more agile and attractive,” explains Daniela Quitadamo, Head of Sales at Ista Swiss AG. “You can say that we’ve arrived in the 21st century,” she adds with a chuckle. The myASA app simplifies many services and makes them more intuitive.

Customised or by apartment building

All told, about 700 property owners are registered on the myASA app. Each apartment building is grouped together separately. That way, messages can be sent in a highly targeted manner – for example, if an upgrade caused a break to the water line – without needing to notify the entire neighbourhood about it. In addition, each user has his or her own profile, with personalised and private data about their apartment. Should something not be working correctly in the apartment, the owner can send a complaint directly in the app, which is then received by Customer Services and can be dealt with. Thanks to the transparent ticketing system, the owner always knows the current status of the resolution of the complaint.

Creation of communities

“The app is very versatile, and we are constantly hearing that owners are using it to share information via the chat feature. They let others know when they're in Andermatt and then arrange to have drinks, for example. Or maybe someone needs a tool or something for the kitchen. The app lets users ask for such things really easily.” Nicole Armbruster, Customer Services Director at Andermatt Swiss Alps, is excited that the app has been so well received and is promoting a sense of community in Andermatt Reuss. “That’s exactly what makes for a lively neighbourhood.”

Book, pay and enjoy

“Thanks to the app, we can book a service even outside of office hours and pay for it right away by credit card. Recently, we arrived in Andermatt pretty late, and we were able to easily book the maintenance service,” said Jean-Claude and Mirja Cattin, who own an apartment in Andermatt Reuss. This service was also developed by Ista together with Andermatt Swiss Alps. The Customer Services team can directly manage services in the app. That guarantees simple processing and saves long waiting times or delays.

Information in the newsfeed

A key element of myASA is the newsfeed. This is where events or special campaigns for owners are posted. A time limit can be set for all posts, and they disappear when they're no longer current.

Continuous enhancement.

It is important for Customer Services to know which things are working well on the myASA app and which features aren't catching on. For this purpose, the app offers automated tracking, which makes it possible to analyse what users are interested in and where something may need to be tweaked in order to generate more interest. That way, the app is constantly enhanced and improved. This benefits not only the owners of Andermatt Swiss Alps properties but also other customers of Ista Schweiz AG.

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