Jürgen Krucker
Here to stay


For Jürgen Krucker, a spur-of-the-moment idea turned into an apartment purchase – and a lifestyle. Jürgen has been a firm believer in the Andermatt Swiss Alps project ever since he happened to get off a train in Andermatt one day in 2018. Today, Jürgen and his wife Astrid are part of the Andermatt community, enjoying the destination’s advantages all year long.

Spontaneous idea. Great impression

“In fact, we came here by chance,” says Jürgen. That was in 2018, on his birthday. Jürgen and Astrid were travelling on the Glacier Express and got off in Andermatt. “We went to the Sales Office, took a look at a model, and then spontaneously decided to view an apartment.” The couple were impressed by the development and potential of Andermatt, the landscape, the sporting options and the proximity to Zurich.

Jürgen Krucker

Unwind.Or work

Jürgen and Astrid don’t regret their impulsive idea in the least. They’ve made friends with other residents in the Alpenrose building, going with them to hockey matches or other events. Jürgen and Astrid come to Andermatt whenever possible in order to unwind, but also for remote working – which they also always do on the spur of the moment. Because it's so close and hassle-free.