Sonia Tan
Back to my creative roots


Sonia Tan has found her way back to her creative calling in Andermatt. The desire to move back into nature had been dormant in her for a long time. With her apartment in the house Frame, she has fulfilled this wish.

Inspiration.The rugged mountains

«I was ready to get back to my creative side. I used to paint very long time ago. And photograph as well. So when I saw Andermatt it inspired me to get back to that part of me and re-find myself again.»

Sonia Tan moved to Switzerland because of work. For many years she lived in Geneva when she thought it is time for a change. «To be honest, it was a bit by chance, that I came to Andermatt. There are so many beautiful places. But I was quite taken by the nature around Andermatt.» Sonia Tan wanted to be back close to nature. And despite her growing up around water, she wanted her life to be amidst mountains and nature. «It was a different challenge at the beginning. But I started to find my way around the village and the mountains. It inspired me to do more than just my day job. All the walking, the painting, to photograph – all that brought back a little bit my young self.»

Sonia Tan

Pioneer.A community in the making

When Sonia Tan came to Andermatt, she chose an apartment in house Frame. Moving here made her also feel a bit like a pioneer. «I know the development has started over ten years ago, but it still feels like a start-up community, which I like. Because that means, that I can get involved from the beginning and help building it up. It also means I can co-create with other residents that are already here and will keep coming. The community is growing.»