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Two hours on the train: Eight tips for pass­ing the time and pro­tect­ing the cli­mate

February 12, 2020

1. Have a coffee or tea

Once you’ve stowed your skis on the train and taken your seat, it’s time to treat yourself to a cup of hot coffee or tea. After all, it’s just 6:50 in the morning! Regardless of whether you bought your beverage at the railway station or brought it with you from home – if you’re drinking it from a returnable cup, you're definitely acting with the planet in mind.

Although it is debated how much worse disposable cups really are in terms of their carbon footprint, one thing is certain: The most environmentally friendly solution is your own cup, since it avoids the impact of manufacturing and doesn’t have to be disposed of. If you can’t or won’t stop using disposable cups, you can save an enormous amount of CO2 emissions by skipping the plastic lid. When a plastic lid is burned, it creates more CO2 emissions than the cup itself.

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