Clean-up Day: Clean-up ac­tion on the moun­tain

Once the snow melts in early summer, we see what the wind has strewn about and people have carelessly left behind in the countryside. Because litter shouldn't be left lying in the countryside until the next winter season, we’re meeting on Saturday, July 16, to collect trash on the mountain together. We look forward to having as many helpers as possible!

Clean-up Day

It will soon be Clean-up Day in Andermatt again. Because we don't want litter lying around on our mountains, we’re heading into the field to clean up.


16 July 2022


8.30 a.m. to approx. 3 p.m.

Meeting spot

Valley station of the Gütsch-Express
Registration deadline

July 15

Good deed with con­vivial fi­nale

Together with representatives from Andermatt Urserntal Tourismus, POW and the Summit Foundation, we’ll be meeting at the valley station of the Gütsch Express in Andermatt on the morning of July 16. Working in groups, we’ll collect everything around Gütsch and Schneehüenerstock that doesn't belong in nature. Afterwards, all groups will meet up to weigh the trash and enjoy drinks, snacks and music.

We’d really appreciate it if you could help us keep our mountain environment clean!

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